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What are Brett Martin Flat Glass Rooflights?

The Brett Martin Glass Rooflights are high-quality glass skylight designed to bring natural light into a building. The range are typically installed on flat or low-pitched roofs to enhance interior spaces with natural daylight.

What are the key features of our products?

Some key features of the Brett Martin Rooflights include energy-efficient double-glazed design, durable aluminium frame and laminated inner panes which prevent glass falling into the building when accidentally broken. Our products also come with a range of customisation options.

What sizes are available for Glass Rooflights?

Brett Martin offers a range of standard sizes for the Flat Glass Rooflight, Lanterns, Circular and Glass Link products, but custom sizes can also be manufactured to meet specific project requirements.

Are Brett Martin Rooflights and Lanterns suitable for residential and commercial buildings?

Yes, our skylight products are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They can be used in homes, offices, retail spaces, and more.

What are the glazing options for the Flat Glass Rooflight?

The Flat Glass Rooflight is available with various glazing options, including clear, tinted, and obscure glass. These options allow you to control the level of light transmission and privacy.

Are Brett Martin Rooflights energy-efficient?

Yes, our products are designed to be energy-efficient with double-glazed units that offer excellent thermal insulation and reduce heat loss.

Can the Flat Glass Rooflight be automated for ventilation and shading?

Yes, the Flat Glass Rooflight can be equipped with optional automation systems to provide ventilation and shading control. This feature helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

How are Bertt Martin Rooflight installed?

Installation should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure proper fit and weatherproofing. Brett Martin provides installation guidelines and can recommend certified installers.

Do the Glass Rooflights and Glass Lantern come with a warranty?

Yes, Brett Martin offers a 10 year warranty on the all Glass Rooflights. Warranty details can be found on the product pages. 

Are there any maintenance requirements for the Glass Rooflights?

Regular cleaning and inspection are recommended to keep our Glass Rooflights in optimal condition. Specific maintenance instructions can be found in the product documentation.