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About us

About Brett Martin: Experts in Daylight for Your Home

Brett Martin is a leading UK expert in daylight systems, bringing light and life to homes with their sophisticated range of flat glass rooflights and roof lanterns. They are passionate about the positive impact of natural light on living spaces and the well-being of those who live there.

Safety First:

Brett Martin prioritizes safety in all their products. They never compromise on quality, and all their glass rooflights feature high-performance glazing units with laminated inner panes. This ensures that if accidentally broken, the glass won't fall into the building, offering peace of mind compared to other rooflights with toughened glass inner panes.

A Variety of Styles to Choose From:

  • Flat Glass: Ideal for adding space to a period terrace, creating indoor/outdoor living, or building a grand design. Available in single large squares or rectangles, or as a group of smaller rooflights. Sizes up to 3600mm x 1650mm with options for openings and ventilation.

  • Circular Glass: A contemporary look for central feature daylighting or darker areas. Diameters from 600mm to 1500mm. Easy installation and maintenance with quick delivery on stock sizes.

  • Glass Link: A continuous modular rooflight system for large and linear spaces. Spans of up to 3800mm with individual modules 3800mm x 1750mm. Fixed or opening window options, or a mix of both.

More Than Just Looks:

Brett Martin's rooflights are designed and manufactured in the UK to exceed the latest standards for energy efficiency, safety, and technical performance. They are also:

  • Pre-machined for fast and easy assembly.
  • Laminated inner panes for safety.
  • Thermally efficient double glazing to reduce heat loss.
  • Weathertight and low maintenance.
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Choose Brett Martin and let natural light transform your home!

Additional Information:

  • The brochure also includes detailed information on each product line, including specifications, sizing options, and glazing options.
  • There are images of each type of rooflight throughout the brochure.
  • You can find more information about Brett Martin and their products on their website: